Studies in Literature, Grade 12, University Preparation, ETS4U

Name of School: KCS Online Learning
Department: English
Course Developer: Christian Bayly
Course Development Date: June 2019
Course Reviser/Revision Date: ----
Course Title & Grade: Studies in Literature, Grade 12, University Preparation
Ministry Course Code: ETS4U Credit Value: 1.00
Developed from: English, The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12 (Revised 2007) Prerequisite: English, Grade 11, University Preparation

Course Description:

This course is for students with a special interest in literature and literary criticism. The course may focus on themes, genres, time periods, or countries. Students will analyse a range of forms and stylistic elements of literary texts and respond personally, critically, and creatively to them. They will also assess critical interpretations, write analytical essays, and complete an independent study project.

Curriculum Overall Expectations:

Studies in Literature

  • 1. Understanding Texts: read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary texts from different countries, cultures, and historical periods;

  • 2. Analysing Texts: respond to and analyse literary texts to develop and extend their understanding of how content, form, and style in combination communicate meaning and enhance a textís effectiveness;

  • 3. Critical Literacy: demonstrate an understanding that the perspective of the author, the reader, and the text all influence the reading experience;

  • 4. Literary Criticism: use literary criticism to enhance their understanding of literature;

  • 5. The Role of Literature in Society: assess the importance of literature as a social and cultural force.