As per the Ontario Ministry of Education, the student doing an online course must complete 110 hours worth of course loads in order earn a credit.

KCSOL operates on a continuous entry and exit model where there is no defined start date or end date. It is therefore the student's responsibility to communicate his/her anticipated endpoint to the teacher and then adhere to that timeline (within reason).

Students who do not attend/log on regularly and/or who do not actively participate in their courses seriously jeopardize their opportunities to learn and reach their potential and ultimately earn the credit.

KCSOL will use the MOODLE course attendance system to reflect the real-time attendance of the student. This is calculated in proportion to the completion of online/offline lessons (activities, assignments labs, tests, etc.) and can be viewed on login.

For example, if a course has 20 different lessons to complete and the student has completed 16 of these, the attendance register would indicate that the student was in attendance 80% of the credit course. This value will be scaled accordingly for the mid-semester report card. Students who do not complete their courses within 6 months will be removed from the course and will not be reinstated unless there are extenuating circumstances that can be verified by appropriate sources/documentation.

Academic Honesty

Students who present the work of others as their own are guilty of plagiarism and will receive a mark of zero for the work and will have the details of the plagiarism noted in their school records. Students who are guilty of cheating on tests or examinations will receive a mark of zero on the test or examination and have the details of the cheating noted in their school records.

Late Assignments

Students are responsible for providing evidence of their achievement of the overall expectations within the time frame specified by the course teacher, and in the way instructed by the teacher. There are consequences for not completing assignments for evaluation or for submitting those assignments late.

Computer Usage Policy

KCSOL is powered by MOODLE -Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment- and is designed for completing the course and its entire components online. Use of any MOODLE course materials, for other than the intended course completion purpose is strictly prohibited. The administration reserves the right to review all students' work in order to determine the suitability of computer usage as per the related KCSOL policies. Non-compliance with the aforesaid policies may result in varying levels of consequences determined by the principal.

KCSOL Students should:

  • Always protect their login information and not share it with anyone

  • Always inform your teachers of suspicious messages or other incidents that they may encounter

  • Always only access content that is intended for the course.