Media Arts, Grade 12 University/College Preparation

Name of School: KCS Online Learning
Department: Art
Course Developer: Christian Bayly
Course Development Date: June 2019
Course Reviser/Revision Date: ----
Course Title & Grade: Media Arts, Grade 12 University/College Preparation
Ministry Course Code: ASM4M
Course Type: University/College Preparation
Credit Value: 1.0
Developed from: The Arts, The Ontario Curriculum, Grade 11 and 12 (2010)
Prerequisite: Media Arts, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

Course Description:

This course emphasizes the refinement of media arts skills through the creation of a thematic body of work by applying traditional and emerging technologies, tools, and techniques such as multimedia, computer animation, installation art, and performance art. Students will develop works that express their views on contemporary issues and will create portfolios suitable for use in either career or postsecondary education applications. Students will critically analyse the role of media artists in shaping audience perceptions of identity, culture, and community values.

Curriculum Overall Expectations:


  • A1. The Creative Process: apply the creative process to create media art works, individually and/or collaboratively;

  • A2. The Principles of Media Arts: design and produce media art works, applying the principles of media arts and using various elements from contributing arts (dance, drama, music, visual arts);

  • A3. Using Technologies, Tools, and Techniques: apply traditional and emerging technologies, tools, and techniques to produce and present media art works for a variety of audiences and purposes.


  • B1. The Critical Analysis Process: demonstrate an understanding of the critical analysis process by using it to monitor the creative process, and by examining, interpreting, assessing, and reflecting on media art works;

  • B2. Identity and Values: demonstrate an understanding of how media art works reflect personal and cultural identity, and affect personal, cultural, and community values and their awareness of those values;

  • B3. Connections Beyond the Classroom: demonstrate an understanding of the types of knowledge and skills developed in media arts and how they can be used outside the media arts classroom.


  • C1. Terminology: demonstrate an understanding of, and use correct terminology when referring to, elements, principles, and other concepts relating to media arts;

  • C2. Contexts and Influences: demonstrate an understanding of the sociocultural and historical contexts of media arts;

  • C3. Responsible Practices: demonstrate an understanding of responsible practices associated with producing, presenting, and experiencing media art works.